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6 Ways to Encourage Cleanliness Among Staff at Your Office

Staff at the office
Cleanliness at the office improves working conditions and helps staff stay healthy throughout the cold and flu season. In many ways, your staff play a central role in the cleanliness around your office. By encouraging your staff to be clean, you can maintain good working conditions for yourself and the others at your company. Here's what you need to know.
1. Put Up Signs
Friendly signs are polite reminders to engage in cleanliness activities. Signs can be useful in many places around the office, including at garbage cans, recycling bins, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and at copy machines. 
When acquiring signs, choose signs made out of durable material. Paper signs taped to the counters will start to become worn and dirty quickly. A dirty sign about cleanliness may be less convincing than a permanent sign affixed to the wall.
If you're unable to order a sign engraved on a plate, laminate a paper sign and tape it up in the area. Make your signs look as professional as possible to set an example for your staff. 
2. Make It a Game
Cleanliness can be fun! Make a game that pits different departments in your office against one another. Award cleanliness points for clean areas and appoint judges to evaluate and give awards to winners. These awards might be something small like a medal or certificate, or more involved, like a pizza party. 
3. Reduce Clutter
Clutter makes maintaining a clean office more difficult for you and other members of your staff; clutter makes vacuuming and dusting take longer and also makes cleaning less effective.
Start an initiative at your office to reduce clutter at work stations and within departments. Declare a day "downsizing day," and ask all departments to spend the day removing clutter. Make this activity a once-ayear or once-every-six-months event to show your staff how beneficial it is to downsize and reduce clutter around the office.
4. Educate Staff
Studies show that cleanliness improves employee productivity, health, and comfort around the office. Educate your staff about the benefits of office cleanliness, either through emails or through announcements during staff meetings. 
Discuss the relationship between the flu and poor sanitary conditions. By enhancing awareness about the spread of germs around the office, you may change the cleanliness habits of staff people who might otherwise spread germs.
For example, write in your staff newsletter about the importance of washing hands after going to the bathroom, keeping work surfaces clean, emptying the trash at the end of each day, and using facial tissues only once before throwing them out.
Distribute disinfectant pads with the newsletter to encourage staff to sanitize telephones, computer keyboards, computer mice, and other electronics they touch frequency. 
5. Make Cleaning Tools Available
Make cleaning products available to your staff so they can clean when needed. Multipurpose cleaner, dust remover, disposable wipes, paper towels, and sponges are indispensable around the office. Even if your staff is not solely responsible for cleaning your office space, making the tools available to them encourages them to clean when the need arises.
6. Hire Professionals
Hire professional cleaners who will show the staff that you're serious about creating a clean workplace. By doing your part to keep the office clean, you'll encourage your employees to do their part. Work with professionals who have experience cleaning work environments like yours. Cleaners who do a better job will encourage staff members to do the same. 
For more information about how you can encourage cleanliness among your staff at work, contact Metro Maintainers Building Services. We're happy to give you information about how to keep your office clean.