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Have Your Medical Office Windows Cleaned

Window washing
If you own or manage a medical office, you probably pay close attention to cleanliness in your exam rooms and offices. But have you taken a look at your windows and considered how they are cleaned? Window cleanliness is often overlooked, but there are many reasons to hire a professional cleaning service to clean the windows in your building.
Clean Windows Attract More Patients
Keeping your windows impeccably clean may help you attract more patients. Cleanliness is one of the biggest factors patients look for when choosing a medical center; they equate cleanliness with the quality of care. Even if the rest of your center is spotless, dirty and dusty windows will make the entire space look dim and ill-kept, making it less appealing to patients.
Proper Window Cleaning May Be Beyond the Scope of Your Normal Cleaning Staff
Even if you have staff members who are responsible for cleaning your waiting rooms, exam rooms and offices, cleaning the windows may be beyond their scope. Proper window cleaning requires specialized tools, like squeegees, and also requires someone to use a ladder to reach the tops of the windows.
If you leave window cleaning to your regular cleaning staff, they may not do as good of a job as a professional window cleaning service — or they may put themselves at risk because they do not have the proper tools or safety training to clean taller windows.
A rag sprayed with window cleaner will leave streaks and spots, and this method is no substitute for proper, professional window cleaning. Professional windowing cleaning results in streak-free windows that better convey your professional image.
Clean Windows Don’t Harbor Germs
You might think of windows as a surface that's not as important to keep clean since patients and employees are not touching the windows on a regular basis. However, children and even adult patients may touch the windows more often than you think as they are admiring the view outside or just keeping themselves busy in the waiting room.
Bacteria can live on most any surface, and all it takes is one sick patient to touch the window and others can easily become infected. Professional window cleaning ensures the windows are properly sanitized to reduce the spread of illness.
Clean Windows Last Longer
When windows are allowed to accumulate too much dirt, that dirt works its way into the sashes and the crevices around the window. The crevices might then cling to moisture and perpetuate mold, which accelerates the rate at which the windows break down. Dirt can also make windows hard to open and close.
Installing new windows on a medical center is a huge undertaking that generally requires closing the office for a few days or more. Not to mention, installing new windows in a large facility can be expensive. It's in your best interest to make your current windows last as long as possible, and regular cleaning can help extend their life.
Clean Windows are Efficient Windows
Dirt accumulation that leads to deteriorating seals, can also cause your windows to become leaky. This may make your waiting room and treatment rooms feel drafty, which is not comfortable for patients. To keep the space comfortable, you may end up spending more on utilities like heat and air conditioning. It's easier — and more affordable — to keep your windows clean and prevent a loss of efficiency.
Having the windows in your medical center professionally cleaned is in your best interest and in the best interest of your patients. Contact Metro Maintainers Building Services for more information about our window cleaning services and the other services we offer for medical establishments.