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How Professional Cleaning Services Prevent Commercial Toilet Backups

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Business toilets are often heavily used by employees and customers alike. Unfortunately, these toilets often suffer abuse and end up clogged and overflowing. Toilet backups can create unsanitary and potentially dangerous situations, so you need high-quality professional cleaners to implement preventative measures to avoid a problem.
Toilet Backups Have Many Confusing Causes
Toilet backups often occur when businesses least expect them to happen. These problems are often hard to predict because they have many possible causes. For example, a tree root may have grown into the business' septic tank and caused a backup. Though not as likely in many city businesses, this problem may still occur if even small trees are planted outside of the company.
That said, employee misuse of the toilet is the most likely culprit behind backup issues. For example, employees may flush items that they shouldn't — such as paper towels, food, and sanitary napkins — rather than throw them away. A toilet is designed only for human waste and small amounts of toilet paper. Anything else doesn't break down properly and causes real issues.
For example, an employee may eat only half of a grease-filled burger before flushing it down the toilet. Even worse, cooking grease from an office party may be flushed down the toilet, where it will harden and potentially cause severe clogs. And when the toilet does back up, a company is going to be at serious risk for health problems.
Sewage Backup Is a Dangerous Issue
When a toilet backs up in a business, sewage is going to flow all over the floor in a rather disgusting way. Unfortunately, that sewage not only looks and smells gross, but it is also incredibly dangerous. Raw sewage contains a high concentration of viruses and bacteria that can threaten the health and well being not only of a business's employees, but of its customers as well.
For example, bacteria such as e coli, helicobacter pylori, Acanthamoeba, salmonella, and leptospirosis may be in raw sewage. These bacteria, once inside of a person's body, can cause severe infections throughout delicate areas — such as the eyes — and trigger problems such as diarrhea, severe cramping, vomiting, and even ulcers.
Even worse, raw sewage is often quite acidic and can cause severe property damage to a business's bathroom tiles. Even if the wastewater doesn't degrade the surface of the tile, stains may develop across the surface of the floor. To avoid these problems, business owners need to hire high-quality cleaning services to prevent this problem and keep an office safe.
Cleaning Services Help Manage This Problem
High-quality office cleaning services help provide prevention help for a backed up toilet. While they won't perform plumbing repairs, they can ensure that an office properly uses the bathroom. A cleaner office is one with less clutter and debris that may end up getting flushed down the toilet by thoughtless office workers.
For example, cleaning crews can remove old food from a company fridge and throw it away. These professionals can also clean up debris in the bathroom, such as paper towels and toilet paper, that may otherwise end up either getting thrown in the toilet or put there, by accident, by well-meaning but misguided workers.
Just as importantly, cleaning professionals can eliminate the kind of mold buildup that occurs in bathrooms that rarely get cleaned. Mold can increase asthma and allergy attacks in an office and cause workers to blow their nose on paper towels, toilet paper, or Kleenex. Minimize these attacks to keep these papers from ending up going down the drain instead of in the trash.
Find a High-Quality Professional
Any business concerned about a toilet backing up should contact us at Metro Maintainers Building Services right now to set up an inspection appointment. Our professionals will assess the state of your building's cleanliness and take steps to ensure that your toilet is used correctly.