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Moving to a New Office Space? How to Keep It Clean


Moving into a new office space, whether you're starting a new business or just relocating an existing business, is a good opportunity to establish good cleaning habits.

You can keep your office clean in many ways. Encouraging good habits among employees, making cleaning products accessible, and taking precautions to limit the spread of germs are all smart strategies that you can implement in your new office space.

Place Garbage Cans Strategically

Garbage cans are critical for keeping messes off the floor. Place garbage cans where employees need them, including in each cubicle and bathroom. The kitchen will likely need more than one garbage can, unless your staff is very small. Kitchen garbage cans will have food inside so they need secure lids to keep in odors.

Put one garbage can in each woman's bathroom stall, if dispensers are not built in. Place garbages in public areas of your business, like the lobby or showroom floor, where customers can throw away trash that might otherwise become litter in your parking lot. 

Establish Rules Around Office Kitchen Use

Office kitchens can quickly become messy spaces if strict rules are not enforced. Put up signs at various stations within the kitchen to establish expectations.

For example, place a sign on the refrigerator door reminding staff that the refrigerator is cleaned out regularly and all food must be removed or it will be thrown away. If employees leave dirty dishes in the sink, place a sign over the sink to remind employees to clean, dry, and put away all dishes.

Place Mats in High-Traffic Areas

High-traffic areas can become dirty quickly. Lay down mats at entrances, in hallways, in front of elevators, and in lobby areas. Mats are much easier to clean than carpet and can stop the spread of dirt throughout the office by removing mud from shoes. 

Choose Smart Colors for Carpet, Walls, and Furniture

Light colored floors, upholstery, and walls will show dirt much faster than mid-tone colors. While the color of paint and upholstery you choose for your office will not affect how clean it is, this will make the office look cleaner. This can have an impact on the way your employees and the public treats the space. If the space looks clean, they may feel more obligation to maintain that cleanliness. 

Develop a Wellness Program

Wellness programs and office cleanliness have a relationship because sick employees can spread germs, making surfaces unclean. Developing your wellness program can help keep illness out of the office, which keeps surfaces that employees have touched naturally cleaner.

Your company wellness program might spend time distributing hand sanitizer to staff or encouraging sick employees to stay home. Work with your staff and managers at your company to establish wellness goals and keep germs out of the office.

Keep Cleaning Products Accessible

Keeping cleaning products accessible to staff will encourage them to clean up their mess after they make one. For example, place a clean sponge and dishwashing liquid by the sink in the kitchen.

Put someone in charge of replacing the sponge on a regular basis to ensure that employees always have a clean sponge. Place multipurpose cleaner in the kitchen cabinets or in another centralized location so staff members can clean desks and dirty surfaces as they see fit.

Have the Office Cleaned Weekly or More Often

The most important thing you can do to ensure that your new office will be clean is to hire a professional cleaning service to come to the office on a weekly basis or more often if necessary. This can help you keep your office looking beautiful and clean for your staff and customers.

For more information about how you can keep your new office space clean, contact Metro Maintainers Building Services.