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Summertime Cleaning: Keeping Your Office's Floors Debris-Free

Janitor cleaning office floor
The autumn ushers in layer after layer of fallen leaves on your floors. And the winter brings sidewalk salt, wet shoes, mud, and grime. But what about the warmer months? Do you skip the routine floor maintenance during the milder weather months? Or do you continue on with a regular professional-level cleaning in your office or commercial space?

Clean office floors make a major statement when it comes to first impressions, regardless of the season. As the winter chill fades away and the summer sun starts shining, your floors still need expert attention. 

Why should you continue to professionally clean your commercial building's floors during the summer? Take a look at the challenges and issues that the sunny season presents when it comes to giving your business's floors a complete clean.

Sandals and Open-Toe Shoes

With the summer comes a change in your customers' or clients' wardrobes. Instead of tall boots and fullcoverage shoes, your customers, clients, and staff members likely come into your commercial space wearing sandals, flip flops, or other open-toe shoes.

What do sandals and open-toe shoes have to do with your business's cleaning routine? If people are walking into your office or building with nearly bare feet, they don't want dirt, debris, grime, and gunk touching their skin. Unless you're willing to institute a no-sandals policy over the summer months, you need to pay extra attention to the floors.

Nothing says, "Please don't come back again" like leaving a business with dusty dirt marks on the sides of your feet or on your toes. Don't let this happen to your valued clients or your employees. A professional floor cleaning contractor can solve this problem and keep everyone's sandal-clad feet debris-free.

Wet Weather

Summertime might mean that you no longer have to contend with snow and ice tracks or build-up, but it also doesn't mean your floors will remain pristine. Those fabulously sunny days are dry and typically free from any type of debris, but they won't last all summer. At some point in the summer months, you'll have to contend with rain or even hail.

Even though water keeps your office clean, it can also cause messy problems when it comes to your floor. On its own, water won't cause major cleaning problems for you or your floors. Yes, water will turn an already slick surface into a slip and fall danger, but it isn't likely to cause an unsightly issue. That is, unless it mixes with something else.

Anyone who comes into your business on a rainy day will likely walk through dirt or any other type of debris. When this mixes with water, you get muddy footprints tracking through your office space.
Here's where a professional cleaning company comes in. Regular floor cleaning keeps muddy prints and other rain-soaked muck away.

Possible Pests

The creatures and critters that hide far away during the colder months are now awake and outside all day. Insects are also more prevalent during the summer, and crawling, flying, and racing insects that make their way into your commercial property may not make their way out. When this happens, you can end up with an earthworm on the floor or a trail of ants.

Many businesses control the pest population by hiring an exterminator. While this may free your business from an invasion, the remains of the pest control service may leave behind a mess that's entirely unsightly. Regular professional floor cleaning can remove this mess, leaving your floors free from pest debris.

Do you need an expert to keep your company's floors clean? Contact Metro Maintainers Building Services for more information.