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Time for Spring Cleaning in the Office

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Cleaning and organizing the office can raise morale, improve productivity, and make your office space more attractive to clients. At this time of year, it's important to think about spring cleaning and how you can make your office a better place for your employees to work. These tips will help you make your office cleaner and brighter.
Remove Stains from the Carpet
Carpet stains can make your office look run down, even if the furniture and walls are in good shape. Clean high-traffic areas and places where accidents and spills have occurred on the carpet. To clean the carpet, use a steam cleaner to clean the high-traffic areas where people walk every day, and use 1 tablespoon ammonia mixed with one cup water to clean coffee stains.
If your cleaning is done professionally, walk through the office with a representative from your cleaning service and point out all stains and high traffic areas. Once the carpet has been cleaned, lay down rugs in high traffic areas and in spots that are most vulnerable to coffee stains. Rugs can help prevent more stains on the carpet in the future.
Deep Clean Grout in the Restroom
Grout stains can make your bathroom floor and counters look dirty, even when they've been recently cleaned. To clean the grout in your restroom, dip a plastic scrub brush into bleach, then use the scrub brush to scrub the grout. Use a sealer to seal the grout when you're done to prevent the stains from returning.
If your office is cleaned professionally, work with the cleaning service to get the grout in your office clean. Once this is done, contact a contractor to have the grout professionally sealed.
Vacuum Beneath Desks and in Hard-to-Reach Places
You or your cleaners may vacuum high-traffic and easy to reach areas in your office on a regular basis, but every so often, it's important to vacuum the hard-to-reach areas. Have your employees put their trash cans on top of their desks and move their seats out of the way.
This makes it easier to vacuum out-of-the way spots under the desk. If your office is cleaned by a professional service, coordinate with them to ensure they'll take time to vacuum thoroughly on the day this is done.
Clean the Office Kitchen
At the end of the week when everyone has already emptied their stuff out of the fridge, use a commercial cleaner to scrub down the inside of the refrigerator. Next, clean the grout in the kitchen in the same way that you cleaned the grout in the bathroom. Once the grout is cleaned, seal it.
Finally, go through the office kitchen cabinets and the drawers to throw away anything that is no longer needed. Once the cabinets and drawers are cleaned out, wipe them down with a wet rag to pick up crumbs. After drying the insides of cabinets and drawers, lay down contact paper to make the surface easier to clean in the future.
Make Office Windows Sparkle
Dirty windows can cut back on sunlight, which can in turn make working in your office less pleasant. If you do your own cleaning, use a squeegee and soapy water to clean your windows, inside and outside. If your building has more than one floor, you'll need to hire a professional window cleaner for this job.
If you already work with a professional cleaning service, do a walk-through with someone from the cleaning company to point out spots on the windows that need to be addressed.
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