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Ways to Keep Your Office Space Clean

Depending on how many times per week housekeeping visits your office, your business may get messy in between scheduled cleanings. Fortunately, your business can do many things to improve sanitation in your office. These tips will help make your office a cleaner place even if your housekeeping service only visits a couple times per week. 

Make Disinfectant Spray Available

Disinfectant spray is important for stopping the spread of germs. By keeping disinfectant spray on hand in your kitchen area, bathroom, and in other common parts of the office, you encourage employees to use it when needed. With access to this spray, employees are more likely to clean up after themselves when using common areas. 

Celebrate Clean Fridge Fridays

Make a rule that every employee must remove their items from the fridge on Fridays. Assign one person to check the refrigerator at the end of the day on Fridays and throw away anything that is left.

Tell your employees that this is the new rule, then follow through on your promise to throw away food that is left in the fridge after the designated time. Employees will get the picture quickly and will keep the fridge clean on a week to week basis. 

Create a Culture of Clean

Cleanliness starts from the top and works its way down. Encourage managers to clean up after themselves when using the copy machine and public areas in the office.  

Give all employees the tools they need to maintain a clean desk, such as desk organizers, file cabinets, and so on. By setting a good example and giving employees the tools they need to maintain a clean work station, you can create a culture of clean. 

Lay Down Mats at Entrances

People tend to drag in dirt when they walk in from the outside. Your business can keep its carpets clean by laying down mats at the entrances to the building. Replace or shampoo mats regularly as they become dirty. 

Cover Cubicles With Clear Plastic Mats

Chair casters can spread dirt around in cubicles, causing carpets to become permanently dirty. Protect carpeting in cubicles with a clear plastic mat. Clear plastic mats make the floors easy to clean for housekeeping staff and also make it easy for staff to clean up spills as they occur. 

Stock Every Desk With Cleaning Supplies

The easier it is for employees to clean their desks, the more likely they are to do it. Give every staff member in your office their own container of disposable wipes and a clean microfiber cloth for dusting. 

Run the Robot Vacuum at Night

Robot vacuums are simple to run after hours, and they keep the floors clean while you and your employees are at home. Assign one person in your office to turn on the robot vacuum when the time comes to leave the office in the evening, then assign someone else to hunt down the robot vacuum and turn it off in the morning.

In the future, office scheduling software may be used to control smart vacuums, so your employees will no longer be responsible for turning on and off the robot vacuum. Watch for these vacuums in office supply catalogs.

Go Touchless

Next time your office remodels the bathroom, replace your old faucets and paper towel dispensers with touchless fixtures. Touchless fixtures help prevent the spread of germs around the office and also keep your bathroom looking cleaner. Talk to your contractor to get these installed during your next office renovation.

Want to know other ways that your office can stay clean between visits from housekeeping? Call Metro Maintainers Building Services today. We're happy to answer your questions!