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Call Us Today!
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Floor Polishing


Floor Polishing

Make a Perfect First Impression

Envision for a moment what you want your clients to experience when they walk on your tile floors.
What thoughts come to mind? You might be thinking of a pristine environment or a professional first impression. You might consider the crisp sound of footsteps walking on your polished floors.
We know that these environmental factors make a huge difference for business conducted on hard floors. Extra care and attention given to hard material surfaces can go a long way toward securing new customers or keeping staff happy.

Scrubbing and Polishing for You

Every workplace has different needs. Whether you have simple tile in your factory’s hallways or complex stonework lining your flagship lobby, our team will customize its approach accordingly. You can rest assured that we take every precaution when determining what would work best for cleaning and polishing your floors.
The best polish is the kind that lasts. Our team has served Greater Little Rock and the surrounding area since 1991. In that time, we’ve seen polishes come and go, and we know the techniques and treatments to make the shine last for a long while.

Helping Hard Floors Last Longer

Floors are meant to last, but they’re not always treated that way.
Between the countless number of people walking on them, the dust and grit that get on them and the wear and tear they undergo on a daily basis, floors undergo a lot. Yours might look good for the moment. However, without a consistent and thorough polish to keep them intact, they won’t last long.
Keep your floors pristine and presentable with our assistance. Our team has the experience and expertise to ensure that your floors will remain as you like them for years to come.

Consult With Us for Your Next Cleaning

Your floors and hallways can last for a long time, but they will require some care.
Hire Metro Maintainers Building Services to help maintain the good condition of your flooring. In addition to our extensive cleaning services, we’re more than happy to polish and preserve your flooring to keep it intact.
Enjoy your floors for longer with our assistance.

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